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At The Epictri, we invite you into a world where the boldest ideas are realized and immersive virtual journeys are created. Our story began with a desire to change the landscape of social gaming, to make it more immersive and inspiring. We've assembled a team of talented professionals united by a shared passion for creating epic worlds.

Epictri is not only a company, but a community of like-minded individuals who see games not only as entertainment, but as a means of bringing people together. We pride ourselves on creating social games that become a bridge between worlds, allowing users to create their own stories and share them with others.

Our approach to game development is based on innovation, creativity and the pursuit of excellence. We don't just offer games, we create virtual platforms for your adventures, where everyone can become the hero of their own story. We are sure that everyone will find something special and exciting in the world of The Epictri.


What our users are saying

"With The Epictri I discovered a new level of virtual interaction. Their social games are simply masterpieces of game design. Exciting storylines, creative solutions and of course the ability to play together with friends make the experience truly unique."


Lukas Muller


"I was always looking for something special in the world of games, and The Epictri offered me exactly what I was looking for. Their games are not just entertainment, but true art. The graphics, the stories, the atmosphere - everything is top-notch!"


Eva Schmidt


"As a fan of social games, I appreciate the high level of attention to detail from The Epictri. Their games are not only addictive, but also have an incredible depth of story. I recommend it to all fans of quality pastime!"


Daniel Van Dyke

Marketing Manager

"Thank you, The Epictri, for not just creating games, but creating whole worlds. Your projects have become a way for me to escape from reality and immerse myself in the


Sofia Fischer



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