Top Five VPNs Operating in Canada

If you are interested in signing up for one of the many Canadian VPN providers currently available, you will first want to find out which are the reputable ones and which offer the features you need.

This can be done a variety of ways, or you can just read this article to find out more.

What do the best Canadian VPN providers feature? — Every VPN, no matter which country it is based in, offers different features. Canadian VPN providers are no exception.

This is why, before you sign up with any VPN provider, you need to not only know the features you absolutely must have in a VPN, but also if the VPN you are going to use offers them.

Which features are the most important? — It depends on what you are going to be using your Canadian VPN provider for but, even so, there are still some features that every VPN should offer.

These include servers in a number of countries, so you can always access websites in countries that are blocking you.

They also include complete privacy, in that the Canadian VPN provider you choose should not be logging your browsing history. If they do, and cannot promise that they will not, this VPN does not offer what most reputable VPNs do and should be left behind.

If you torrent, be sure a VPN allows you to do so, as some of them block this option due to bandwidth use. If you want to watch Netflix, be sure a particular Canadian VPN provider is able to access the service as Netflix has blocked some of them.

Also check on the speed a VPN guarantees. This is particularly important if you are going to be streaming music or will be playing online games. These activities are both very data-intensive and could slow down your connection considerably if you sign with a poor VPN.

Which are the best Canadian VPN providers and what do they offer? — There are a large number of Canadian VPN providers to choose from and each offer a different type of service.

Look at VPNs like Express VPN. It offers servers in Canada, but also has many servers overseas. It also does not log any of your data, so your privacy is guaranteed. Fast speed is also guaranteed by Express VPN, which makes it perfect for music lovers and for gamers.

Buffered VPN is also a good choice for a Canadian VPN provider as this service has servers in more than 35 countries, offers fast speeds, protects your privacy and has superb customer service. It also does not keep usage logs on any of its customers, so if the NSA comes calling there is nothing for Buffered VPN to give them.

Finally, look at NordVPN. They are not always the fastest service, but they are incredibly secure, they have servers in more than 60 countries and, if privacy is a huge issue for you, they even accept Bitcoin.

These are just some of the VPNs you can consider when looking for a good VPN for Canada. There are others you may like even more.