The Harry Potter House Quiz

There Is No Need For A Sorting Hat


We were first introduced to the Sorting Hat when it was time to assign Harry Potter and his friends to their house. Though we cannot all jump on our brooms, head to Hogwarts, and put on the sorting hat, that has not stopped us from wondering if we put on the sorting hat, which house would be chosen for us.


The Houses


For those who have not yet been introduced to the world of Harry Potter, the book and movie series follows the life of a young wizard and his friends through their adventures of becoming witches and wizards. Young witches and wizards attend a school called Hogwarts. Upon arriving at Hogwarts, all new students must be placed into houses. There are four houses, which are Slytherin, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff. The houses compete against each other for points hoping to win the House Cup. Harry Potter fans are very loyal to their chosen house. As for Harry Potter, there was some controversy about which house he belongs in. When the Sorting Hat is placed on top of Harry’s head, it seemed to lean towards Slytherin, but that was not the house that Harry wanted. Some believe that he could pursue the hat with his powers to place him in Gryffindor instead. The two major houses that seem to get the most attention are Slytherin and Gryffindor. The story sets them up to create a good versus bad conflict.


Which House Is For You?


Each house follows its own sense of code, and they all lean to certain personality traits. For example, those who pledge their loyalty to Hufflepuff are loyal, hardworking, open-minded, dependable, practical, and patient. However, watch out because their loyalty comes at a price. Their loyalty to others is very selective. Those who belong to the Ravenclaw house are intelligent, curious, independent, love to learn for the sake of learning. They are detached and are only good at what they are most interested in. Slytherin house members are ruthless, driven, goal-oriented, assertive, and use their intelligence as a tool to get what they want. They love attention and praise. Gryffindor’s house traits comprise honesty, playfulness, bluntness, trusting, live in the moment, and they do not back down. They are moral people and solve problems based on their morals.


Take A Quiz


There is a way to find out for certain, which house your personality best matches. Take the Hogwarts house quiz. Through selective questions, the quiz will determine the house that suits you best. It is no Sorting Hat, but just as much fun to do.