The differences between the AR10 and AR15 rifles are important for their use

If you are trying to decide between the AR10 and the AR15 when making a new rifle purchase, there are some differences between the two that are important. Especially if you want to be sure you choose the best rifle for your own specific purposes.


A heavier or lighter rifle — While both the AR10 and the AR15 are of an easily manageable weight, the AR15 is usually lighter depending on your final set up.


As that weight difference can be up to two pounds, it is a substantial amount when you are talking about a woman or a teenager carrying the rifle for any length of time.


An affordable rifle — Both rifles are extremely affordable, which is part of the reason why both are the most popular rifles in the world at the moment.

The cheapest rifle, however, is usually the AR15. That means if money is your main criteria for purchasing a rifle, you may as well just choose the AR15. Replacement parts also tend to be cheaper with the AR15, which makes the gun an all-around good choice. You can find out more about the prices on


Finding replacement parts — Before we look at the performance of each rifle, it is worth noting that replacement parts for the AR15 are much easier to come by than those for the AR10.


That is why, if you do not want to have to spend time online looking for parts every time you need a new magazine, a barrel or a lower receiver, going with the AR15 from the outset is probably a good idea.


Accuracy — The accuracy of both the AR10 and the AR15 depends on how you will be shooting both rifles.


The AR10 is an excellent gun at long distances as it has much better accuracy than the AR15. The AR15 excels when shooting at closer distances.


This is why most rifle experts recommend the AR10 for big game hunting and the AR15 for hunting smaller animals at a closer range.


How many bullets per minute? — The AR10 fires fewer bullets per minute than does the AR15. The difference, however, is in their stopping power.


While the AR10’s larger caliber bullets are cable of stopping a charging animal at a few hundred feet, the AR15’s bullets will require more being fired to be able to do the same job.


Decide on whether stopping power or number of bullets fired is more important to you before you make your purchase.


Buying ammo — Finally, you can only use the rifle you buy if you have the ammunition to put in it.


Of course, it is easy to buy ammunition for both rifles, but the AR15 does come out a little bit ahead when it comes to the ease of getting the exact ammo you want.


This is due to ammunition for the AR15 being carried at any gun shop, whereas some caliber of bullets for the AR10 may require an Internet order.