Team Building Techniques for Your FIFA Ultimate Team

Building a great team in FIFA Ultimate Team takes a lot of patience, time and cheap FIFA coins. You must understand how the chemistry system works and be able to save up enough FIFA coins to purchase the best players. Here is some in depth information about how to build the best team possible.

Chemistry of the Players on Your Team

Chemistry is one of the most important aspects of building a strong team that will win game after game. Having a high chemistry on your team will increase individual players’ performances. So, how do you know what players have good chemistry? Here are a few of the factors that come into play.

Benefits of Better Relationships

The chemistry of your team focuses on the relationships between the players you have chosen. High chemistry will result in amazing passes and stunning goals. Many things factor in to the chemistry of your team and its players. Having players in their preferred positions on the field will improve team chemistry. Try to choose a single player for each position and use them where they are used to playing.

Choosing Players Based on Where They Played

You can choose players from the same team or the same league and link them together to improve chemistry as well. When choosing players, make sure you pay attention to what teams and what leagues they originally played for. Having a group of guys that are all from the same team or league will help you achieve a high chemistry level.


Nationality is another factor that comes into play when dealing with chemistry. Pairing up players with the same nationality and finding a manager with that same nationality will help to improve chemistry as well.

Player Loyalty

Another boost in chemistry stems from if a player has been loyal to a team they are currently playing for. Players that are picked up in the Transfer Market can become loyal to a team after playing ten matches with them. Team members you acquire through packs automatically have this boost as well as players who were originally with your squad.

Attributes Affected by High Chemistry

When your team has a high chemistry, attributes like a player’s shooting, positioning, finishing, volleys, and penalties all get a boost. A team member’s stamina during a match will affect attributes such as acceleration, jumping, agility, strength, marking, and reactions. If your player’s stamina gets too low, you should substitute them for a fresh player.

Building the best team possible in FIFA Ultimate Team has a lot to do with the chemistry of the players. Choose team members that played on the same team, played in the same division, have the same nationality, and are loyal to your team. When all of your players have a high chemistry with each other, their stats will improve and they will play better.