Application of Virtual Reality Technology

When we hear about virtual reality, we often associate it to video games and movies. There’s actually more about the technology that makes it even more essential. Here are a few of its common applications:

Therapy for paraplegics

A couple of clinical studies conducted on paraplegics reveal that virtual reality can help regain brain functions. Seven out of 10 paraplegic patients, who were asked to wear VR headsets to move through the court as a basketball player, were found to reclaim their leg functions after several sessions.

Treat post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

For years, exposure therapy has been used to treat millions of adults suffering from PTSD. While exposure therapy has been found effective, scientists have tried employing the concepts of virtual reality. As expected, it gave favorable results as it allows patients to easily visualize or recount their fears and traumas.

Helps train medical students

Virtual reality has been widely used in educational institutions to effectively train medical students. By using the technology, students are able to perform procedures as if they’re interacting with real patients. Students are likewise able to learn from mistakes without harming actual patients or causing unexpected situations. Most importantly, medical students are able to hone their skills and apply these to the real world.

Treat anxiety attacks

There are over 100 million adults suffering from anxiety all over the world. This prompted gaming company Virtual Nation Gaming to develop a virtual reality app called AnxStopiety. It’s best for people experiencing fear and anxiety. Using the belt that comes with the app, a user is able to monitor his or her breathing. Depending on the results, the user will see deep breathing exercises that could help him/her calm down.

Assist business enterprises

Instead of going to different places to conduct meetings with employees, business partners, or potential clients, business owners are able to make use of virtual conference rooms. Virtual meetings are not only fast and easy to setup, but it’s likewise very cost-effective. Managers can lessen operating costs, reduce business travel expenses, easily conduct interviews, and much more. Moreover, employees may likewise make use of virtual reality to test the safety of dangerous products that are still in their developing stages.

Easily model architectural designs

Virtual reality allows architects to easily come up with realistic designs. Because architects can inhabit spaces virtually in three dimensions, architects are likewise able to reduce the amount of time needed to create drawings and layouts. This does not only reduce costs, but it does increase safety in the design of buildings, spaces, foundations, etc. Moreover, virtual reality can even allow designers to test out environmental factors before the actual construction of a building.

Test manufacturing processes

Virtual reality is important for companies that are still experimenting with the best manufacturing processes. For example in a car company, virtual reality may be used by engineers to test and ensure the safety of their vehicles. In addition, virtual reality can also simulate results to better help managers in choosing the best manufacturing process.