Best music streaming services to try out

When determining which music streaming service is the best it all depends on personal preference. Each streaming service offers something different than the others. To consider which service is the best one might consider pricing, music quality and customization options. To figure out which service is the best we can compare the pros and cons of each company.

1) Spotify

Spotify was one of the first streaming services to allow its listeners to stream music for free as long as advertisements were playing every so often. Streaming and mp3 music download became significantly more popular after Spotify was released. Many users were willing to pay the $9.99 premium every month ($4.99 for college students) to better their listening experience. A benefit of using Spotify is the flexibility in pricing. There is truly a plan for everyone. Those who do not wish to pay the monthly premium can still listen for free by giving up their time to listen to the occasional advertisements. College students get a discount to help them afford the monthly fees. Working adults only have to pay $9.99 a month. That is about the same as three cups of coffee.

While the prices and quality are good, Spotify really lacks access to some of the newer hit songs. A lot of popular songs from Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Prince and Radiohead are nowhere to be found. There are millions of songs available to stream but chances are you will come up empty at times when searching for music.

2) Apple Music

Considering how big of a company Apple is and the technology they have access to, it is a little surprising that they were a little late to the music streaming competition. Normally Apple is the one to introduce new technology that we have never seen before. Apple Music (Apple’s streaming music platform) was released in 2015. Apple music service offers a 24/7 Beats One Radio streaming service with famous DJs playing a wide variety of music. There is also millions of soundtracks that you can save to your library and later make playlists.

Just like Spotify Apple Music has two paid options of adults ($9.99) and college students ($4.99). There is no free option. There is a three month trial available for people to try it out. The quality is close to that of Spotify. Apple Music streams at 256kbps in AAC.

3) Deezer

Deezer is not nearly talked about as much as Apple Music and Spotify. This is probably due to the fact that it just recently became available in the United States. It does work well in over 180 countries around the world. This streaming option is slightly more expensive than its competitors and it does not have a free option or college discount. The starting monthly premium is $9.99 and users can upgrade to the $14.99 plan to get more exclusive music and streaming on Sonos systems. Deezer does offer a 30-day trial period for those who want to try it out. Music can be downloaded for offline use (similar to Apple Music) and their streaming rate is 128 kbit/s. This company’s library has over 35 million different songs to listen to.